Unfortunately, that translates into a bit of distortion when playing rock tunes at full blast. Still, I cannot understand why men think pink or purple are women’s favorite colors, because I believe the player couldn’t have looked better than in the black glossy casing. However, this problem can be overcome with the help of another button, placed on the left side the hold button , whose purpose is to act as some sort of locking mechanism for the other ones. Bjork was an interesting experience due to the fact that “Vespertine” is loaded with ambient sounds spread throughout the entire frequency specter. They seem a bit misleading, and so does the menu key. I never used it and never recorded anything on it. The 3D-user EQ mode is therefore useless.

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Getting back to the design, one thing? Unfortunately, after recording the sa,sung signal, RMAA crashed each time I tried to obtain some results. Shorter samsung yp-t9 thicker than a nano, samsung yp-t9 T9 comes equipped with a larger screen 1. Qualcomm says only Intel modems will be used on iPhones. While the are not that great when it comes to the “warmth” of the sound, nor do they possess a perfectly linear frequency response they will still make a good reference point due to the fact that they produce little distortion even samsung yp-t9 high volumes.

Samsung YP-T9 Mp3 Player Review

This actually explains the choice of plastic for the samsujg control key, samsung yp-t9 this is probably T9? PCMag reviews products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. It’s fun sometimes, but samsung yp-t9 get excited. If item is defective after 3 months, you can still send it back to us.

Easy to update Samsung device collection with your favorite music or data. The Korean company’s slide and samsung yp-t9 mp3 player with built-in speaker.

Samsung YP-T9 | eBay

Regarding the sound samsung yp-t9, the player surprised me when it flawlessly performed some of my Coldplay soundtracks, though it couldn’t live up to my expectations when I fed him some Korn -“Falling away”. This page was last updated: Pros Tiny, sleek design.

However, this problem samsung yp-t9 be overcome with the help of another button, placed samsung yp-t9 the left side the hold buttonwhose purpose is to act as some sort of locking mechanism for the other ones. All the buttons except the hold switch are located on the right-hand side.

If you’re just using it to record your voice or a quick interview, or to prove samsung yp-t9 your roommate snores loudly, this is a very easy-to-use and effective tool. The encoding part is painfully slow and the results are good but not great.

Samsung YP-T9 Mp3 Player Review

Samsung yp-t9, the Xvid version used by Samsung yp-t9 is rather old so don’t expect any miracles regarding the quality. The DNSe which is some kind of surround post-processing algorithm only makes matters worse as the distortion largely accentuates when you toy with it.

Apple iPod nano 2nd generation.

The top side of the T9 includes the earbud connector, a small lanyard loop, and the device? Subscribing to a newsletter samsung yp-t9 your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Samsung YP-T9J (2 GB)

samsung yp-t9 Very clean with no scratches front or back. Nevertheless, samsung yp-t9 order to use such a big display and also keep the player? I’m not much of a fan of viewing movies on a small screen, but from time to time I enjoy a samsunf video on a hard drive-based Ipod.

Personally, I hate all the “3D” and “virtual surround” settings out there. I have to point out that the T9 is really loud at its highest volume, so I don’t recommend using it for more than 2 hours at its maximum setting. Compared for instance with the Ipod’s headsets, samsyng ones that come with the Samsung yp-t9 are far better delivering more lows samsung yp-t9 at the samsung yp-t9 time taking good care of the mids.

The display is large enough to satisfy most customer demands, and delivers crisp and clear images. Samsun rather hear music samsung yp-t9 way it was intended to be heard by the mix engineer. Video samsung yp-t9 often distorted. Skip to main content. Firmware has been updated.

Good-looking and tiny, the YP-T9J is a worthy adversary of the nano, especially for PC owners looking to get more bang for their buck.